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Insurrection is a Pixel-Art Cinematic Platformer set in a decadent dystopian future where AI has taken upon itself to ensure the continuance of our species - by any means necessary.

Inspired by classics like Flashback, Heart of Darkness and Another World, it aims to tell a story through it's design animation, background and character design, and music.

You take control of a traumatized war veteran with a paranoid animosity toward mechanical and cybernetic organisms - the deadly hostility of the latter doing little to assuage his prejudice.


Insurrection Demo v0.31.zip 34 MB


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Got to play the demo and make a video. Looking forward to seeing (and shooting) more. :)

Hello, thank you for the video. We just saw it and liked it a lot ;) Regarding the controls, we're aiming to make White's reactions a little bit faster and add more options when shooting possibly (like crouching and turning). 

Hey! I'm glad you like the video. :) Is White the character's name? Do you have any plans on other/updated public demos? 

Yes, his name is Richard White. Yeah, we want to keep releasing demos as we have more content!

Nice, can't wait. :)